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Kratom extracts are a more concentrated form of kratom made from a longer process to ensure that the most alkaloids are active when you use the extract. When using extracts less is more due to its high potency so you will have all the effects your used to taking in higher powder or capsule dosages in liquid form. When using extracts, it is important to dose yourself correctly because again it has way more alkaloid content than regular powder.

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Kratom can be ingested in a variety of forms:

  • Capsules;
  • Tablets;
  • Gum;
  • Tinctures;
  • Extracts.

Sometimes users eat fresh or dried kratom leaves. Kratom leaves can be consumed as a tea. Dried leaves can also be ingested as a powder.

Kratom Extract is a concentrated form of Kratom alkaloids distilled directly from powder or leaves. Extract contains more concentration of alkaloids then other products of Kratom.


Kratom powder or whole leaves, which are boiled into a tea-like liquid, strained, and simmered to a paste. This is dried and ground up into a powder, resulting in a concentrated kratom extract.

Liquid Extract or water-based extraction

Whole leaves dissolved in water or ethanol and water mixture are required. The mixture is shaken and left to sleep. After that mixture is strained and partly evaporated, leaving only a concentrated extract.

One should use Kratom with a great caution because it’s addictive.

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