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There are different ways to use CBD, because first of all it depends of your need and purpose. Some users apply CBD to get rid of pain or frustration. They use CBD sometimes but not every day.

CBD Topicals like masks, lotions and so on are gaining popularity right now. Many beauty brands are producing different cosmetic solutions for skin.

Sometimes people can use CBD for better sleep, eating one capsule in the evening.

If you are planning to use CBD daily, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor.

Every organism is different from one another, and an amount of CBD pieces may vary for each person. It’s better to start from small amount of CBD drops and increase them slowly to find out the right amount for you.

CBD oil is made of CBD extract mixed with carrier oil. CBD oil can also be vaporized or dabbed.

Most people take kratom as a pill, capsule or extract. It’s possible to chew kratom leaves or drink tea made from them. Also, people can add kratom leaves in soups or smoke them.

People usually add kava into juice or milk. There are a lot of different types of kava products: concentrates, micronized kava, ground kava root, pills and teas.



The main difference between one and another is that it is well-known that CBG is so to say “parent” of CBD or THC. Therefore, CBG has got different functions and health benefits than CBD.

CBG doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, and that’s why it won’t get you high. But now there is no research uncovering the full side effects.

CBG can help in treating the following problems:

  • Inflammatory diseases;
  • Movement disorders;
  • Anxiety.



Butane fumes can irritate eyes and skin, and when inhaled it can cause lungs damage. In large quantities butane can cause suffocation.

For example, the burner can be clogged, so it can be cleaned with the blast of compressed air. Also, there can be an air bubble in the lighter, so the only way to get rid of it is to empty the lighter and refill it with fresh butane.

If the lighter fluid gets on your skin or in the eyes, flush the place with water for at least 15 minutes.



No. It’s a non-psychoactive part of a plant. That is why you won’t have any “euphoria” effects. But come people can feel altered after taking CBD, because you never know how your body reacts to it until you try. Knowing this it’s strongly recommended to take CBD under supervision.

There is an approved information that CBD can treat certain types of epilepsy. Also, CBD can ease the musculoskeletal and nerve pain. Some evidence suggests that in this case CBD works best combining it with THC. Scientists also claim CBD can manage symptoms of anxiety.

It depends of your aim. There are plenty of ways of taking CBD and users decide themselves how to take it. Tinctures, edibles, topicals, vapes and so on – you have a lot to choose from.

Generally, newcomers start with low dosage and go slow with increasing it. There also can be variations in actual CBD content between products. Therefore, when starting a new package or switching dose – use caution. And we strongly recommend to talk to your doctor about the CBD product you want to take.



No. You can order this substance on the internet or buy it in a specialized store.

Producers suggest kratom in pills, capsules or like an extract. It’s also possible to chew kratom leaves or brew the dried or powdered leaves as tea. Also, kratom can be smoked or eaten.

Kratom is an opioid and stimulant at the same time. So, there are opioid receptors in brain which produce sedation and pleasure. People who take kratom said one can become more energetic and sociable.

There are a few side-effects that were reported by long-term kratom users:

  • Constipation;
  • Lack or loss of appetite;
  • Severe weight loss;
  • Insomnia;
  • Discoloration of the cheeks.

It’s hardly recommended to take kratom very carefully. There are numerous calls in the health centers for kratom overdose.



When taken in small doses, the effects of kava are muscle relaxation, sleepiness and feeling of wellbeing.

Kava extracts can be used safely under medical supervision up to 6 months. But lots of research suggest kava may cause liver damage. Because of this governments of Canada, UK and Germany have restricted or banned kava. Is always up to you take it or not, but it’s strongly recommended to talk about this with your doctor.

It’s widely known that it can be mixed with water or boiled into a tea. There are many suggestions to buy kava tea from stores.

  • Anxiety treatment;
  • Insomnia alleviating;
  • Relaxation;
  • Stress relief and many more.



Shisha consists of tobacco and fruit pieces or molasses sugar.

Nicotine is an addictive drug that can have lasting damaging effects. Therefore, one should smoke hookah carefully.

As it is known that shisha often contains the same tobacco as cigarettes, shisha smokers are at the same risk group as cigarettes smokers. Hookah smoking is not safer than cigarettes smoking.



Grinders can be made of different materials: metal, plastic, wood, etc. And it should be said grinders come in many different shapes and sizes.

When one uses grinder often it’s better to buy a metal one, because it’s durable and stronger than a plastic one. But plastic grinders are cheaper and quicker to use. Moreover, plastic grinders are easily broken.


Glass Pipes:

Well, yes. Many smokers prefer using glass pipes instead of others made of wood, metal or ceramic. And there are lots of reasons why.

As one of the most considerable benefits of using glass pipes is one can inhale a large quantity of smoke at a time. The second reason is that glass pipes are much durable as compared to other types. The third reason is, of course, style. You can see the smoke through the glass. Variety of colors and styles made glass pipes as stylish as possible.


Delta 8:

Delta-8-THC is described as THC which deals with such problems as:

  • Pain;
  • Anxiety;
  • Nausea.

Also it’s good for stimulating appetite and protecting brain cells. Research says Delta-8-THC “exhibits a lower psychotropic potency” and it can get you high, but not like if you’d normally take the same amount of THC.

  • Appetite stimulating;
  • Helping with pain and inflammations;
  • Eliminating nausea in cancer patients;
  • Could be applied topically.

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