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Hookah Accessories

There are many ways to elevate your hookah game besides just getting a big hookah glass. Many hookahs have interchangeable parts that can be replaced with more premium parts for a more enjoyable experience. If you’re having sessions with multiple people you might want to swap out your single outlet stem for a multi outlet stem, so you have capability to have 2, 4, or even 6 hoses.

Maybe you want to have a cooler hit so you would want a freezable glycerin hose so that the smoke cools down before you inhale it. If you want to have more smoke clouds, replacing the base to a bigger diameter one will allow more room for more smoke. There are also carrying case options for anyone who likes to take their hookah to social gatherings.

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If you’re looking for a powerful smoke at a mid-range price, then you’ve come to the right place. V.Y.R.T.  Glass & Wapes offers ultra-premium hookah accessories.

Hookah tray helps to protect your surroundings while smoking and to hold charcoal.

Hookah stem (hookah shaft, hookah pipe, argila hookah) is a center of a hookah bong. It connects all the pieces of hookah together.

Hookah base (hookah vase, hookah glass, hookah jar) is an important part of hookah too. It carries the hookah stem, tray and a bowl upright. When the smoke is generated, hookah base preserves it and allows the smoke to go through the hose port.

This part is essential for the smokers because it allows to inhale smoke from the hookah base.

Hookah grommet is the last important part of a hookah. This part should be setup in order not to allow air enter your hookah bong.

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