CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are a more concentrated way of taking CBD. This form comes from high % CBD strains of hemp and are typically used to relieve anxiety or ease pain. Tinctures are produced by steeping cannabis flowers or isolates in a high-proof grain alcohol, then applying low heat for a significant span of time. Tinctures are easily absorbed under the tongue and easy to dose with the dropper included. This form of CBD will not get you “high” either as there is less than 1% THC in the whole bottle. CBD is naturally well tolerated so taking too much shouldn’t be an issue. It is also known to mix tinctures with food or drinks like tea or juice.

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What is CBD Tincture?

It’s a highly potent herbal extract which is produced by steeping high-CBD hemp flowers in a solvent mixture of water and alcohol.

Sometimes brands use vinegar, glycerin or oils as a solvent, but it’s better to use alcohol, because it soaks up the most cannabidiol. Once the liquid is ready, it’s commonly mixed with a sweet tasting carrier oil.

How to use a CBD Tincture?

Tinctures are very high concentrated, so it’s meant to be taken in very small doses. Most of the tinctures come with a dropper, but some people use an eye dropper.

What is the dosage of CBD Tincture?

As it was said before, tinctures should be taken in very small doses. Higher doses won’t cause any overdose or something, but CBD users accept that actually one doesn’t need higher doses of CBD.

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