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Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is the most common form of kratom because of its wide availability, multiple strains, and least outside processes. Like previously stated there are many strains of powdered kratom, some of the most popular strains are Bali, Maeng Da, and red vein Thai. Each on has their one benefits but all kratom gives you an overall mood boost. Many people who use kratom use it for a natural way to either focus, get energy, or stop pain relief depending on the strain they desire. Kratom isn’t FDA approved but through customer testimonials and forums it has been proving to be nothing but positive outcomes if used correctly. The effects of kratom vary from user to user and the amount of dosage you decide to use. If taken in high dosages kratom can start to feel less like a stimulant and more like a sedative.

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are a more concentrated form of kratom made from a longer process to ensure that the most alkaloids are active when you use the extract. When using extracts less is more due to its high potency so you will have all the effects your used to taking in higher powder or capsule dosages in liquid form. When using extracts, it is important to dose yourself correctly because again it has way more alkaloid content than regular powder.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are the same as powdered kratom just packaged into perfectly weighed capsules making it easier to dose your intake. Capsules make kratom easier to take on the go without previous preparation as measuring and having to mix it with your fluid of choice. Also, kratom tends to have a very strong earthy taste that is difficult for some people to swallow. Capsules are hollow gelatin pills that are then filled with kratom depending on dosages. With capsules kratom will become extremely convenient for anyone with limited time.

No. You can order this substance on the internet or buy it in a specialized store.

Producers suggest kratom in pills, capsules or like an extract. It’s also possible to chew kratom leaves or brew the dried or powdered leaves as tea. Also, kratom can be smoked or eaten.

Kratom is an opioid and stimulant at the same time. So, there are opioid receptors in brain which produce sedation and pleasure. People who take kratom said one can become more energetic and sociable.

There are a few side-effects that were reported by long-term kratom users:

  • Constipation;
  • Lack or loss of appetite;
  • Severe weight loss;
  • Insomnia;
  • Discoloration of the cheeks.

It’s hardly recommended to take kratom very carefully. There are numerous calls in the health centers for kratom overdose.

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