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What are Hookahs?

Hookahs were created in the 15th century allowing users to smoke shisha (molasses-based tobacco) originating from Asia. Hookahs are perfect for get-togethers and or a solo session. Khalil Mamoon are a traditional hookah brand originating from Egypt and are hand-made. Mob Hookahs take a more modern route for hookahs coming in many shapes and sizes even box hookahs!

How does a hookah work?

A hookah may seem complex and intimidating at first, but you’ll soon find out how easy it is! The hookah has three main components; the bowl, the stem and finally the base.

The bowl is where the Shisha is held. After fluffing your shisha, place it on the bowl and cover it with aluminum. Then poke holes in the aluminum and place your lit charcoal on top of the aluminum.

The stem is the main passageway for the smoke to travel. Over a period of about 5 to 10 minutes the shisha should be hot and evenly heated, smoke will then travel down the passageway and into the base. The stem usually has a percolator on the bottom which helps it be filtered through the small openings. After filtration, the smoke will travel back up and through your hose. The stem also has a purge on the opposite side of the hose, blow into your hose until smoke exits the purge. The Purge is used to blow the stale smoke in the hookah that has built up from not smoking to allow a more flavorful taste.

The base is where water is stored and the filtration occurs. Fill the base with water until it is

1/2 – 1 inch past the stems percolator. The smoke will travel through the stem and enter the percolator where it will be split and filtered through the water. Once the smoke passes through the water, you’ll be able to inhale a smooth hit.

What is Shisha?

Shisha is tobacco leaves that are marinated in flavored molasses. Some shisha contains nicotine or natural herbs for those who prefer a healthier experience in their session. Popular hookah tobaccos range from Fumari containing more molasses and hand picked leaves. Adalya is popular world wide with memorable flavors like Love 66 and Lady killer. Hydro isa brand that has  no nicotine or tobacco shisha only containing natural herbs for a cleaner experience.

How do charcoals work on a hookah?

Charcoal is another main component of the hookah, the other three being the water, shisha and the actual hookah device. Charcoal comes in many forms but most widely known being natural coco and quick lights.

Quick-light Charcoal

These charcoal are made from compressed charcoal dust and quick-lighting chemicals. These chemicals make it easy to ignite the charcoal, helping make prep-time easier and faster. There are hundreds of companies carrying quick-light charcoal so the experience can vary depending on which you choose. Tanya and Venus are fairly priced and convenient.

Natural Hookah Charcoals

Natural charcoal is usually made from coconut husk but can vary from different materials like rice, wood or bamboo. Natural charcoal takes longer to light because it does not carry any quick-light chemicals, making them the healthier choice. This can help change your experience even better now that you can enjoy different charcoal materials to taste. Natural charcoal is also known to affect the shisha flavor less than quick-light, making you enjoy more of the flavors. Our best sellers are CocoNara and Titanium.

What Hookah accessories are there?

Hookah has a plethora of attachments and devices that can heighten your experience. Hookahs can also come with an ice tray for the stem to better cool off the smoke as it enters and exits the hookah. Here at VYRT Smoke Shop we carry many hookah accessories like hookah plates used for carrying your burning charcoal safely. We also carry tongs, personal, disposable and lolli hookah tips, perforated aluminum foil and much more.


  • You can buy a Hookah Starter to help the charcoal ignite the shisha without tedious inhaling.
  • Depending on your bowl layout, having more of the smaller charcoal can help make a better burn.
  • Adding CBD oils or Delta 8 oils to your shisha can enhance the experience of smoking hookah.
  • Using a hose that has a pocket for ice will help cool the smoke allowing a smooth hit.

Shisha consists of tobacco and fruit pieces or molasses sugar.

Nicotine is an addictive drug that can have lasting damaging effects. Therefore, one should smoke hookah carefully.

As it is known that shisha often contains the same tobacco as cigarettes, shisha smokers are at the same risk group as cigarettes smokers. Hookah smoking is not safer than cigarettes smoking.

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