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What are grinders?

Grinders are one of the essential tools that every smoker needs . Grinders help break down your flower and keep it fine . Without grinders, we would have to break the flower apart by hand; which can actually make your flower lose potency because your fingertips will absorb the oils. Grinders usually have 2 to 5 parts which are listed below.

How to use a grinder?

  • To start grinding your flower , first remove the top lid and place about half a gram or less of your flower around the grinder, anything placed in the middle will not be grinded. Once started it will be slightly tough but once it’s effortless to turn the top, your flower should be completely grinded.
  • 2-Part Grinder: Splits in two with a lid containing teeth on top and bottom allowing you to grind flower. Just open the grinder and dump the contents. These grinders are great for dry herb devices, since the finer the grind the better the vaporization.
  • 3-Part Grinder: Comes with a lid covered in teeth for grinding, a mid section with teeth and holes so your flower falls through. Finally a hollowed bottom to catch the grinded flower. These grinders are used for big loads since they usually have a huge base.
  • 4-Part Grinder: Carries all the functions of a 3-Part Grinder with an added section holding a screen that will separate the grinded herbs from the kief ( Cannabis Crystals).
  • 5-Part Grinder: Follows the same functions as a 4-Part Grinder with the added section holding a smaller screen for catching even smaller Kief. This grinder is the best for those trying to save every bit of their flower.

What are grinders made of?

Grinders can be made with either a hard plastic or strong metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, and space grade materials.

Some honorable mentions for grinders are Santa Cruz being known for their signature shredders. Sharpstone is another brand made from high-quality anodized aluminum. Last but not least, a lightweight plastic Grinder by Herbsaver is fairly popular and on a huge rise due to portability and ease of use.


  • Keeping your grinder in a cold area allows the harbs to harden making it easier to clean the grinder’s interior and threading.
  • You can return the threadings smoothness by adding a small coat of olive, coconut or vegetable oil to the threading of the grinder.
  • A sign that your grinder is starting to chip away and is time for a new one, your grinder will start to have a metallic smell similar to coins, or teeth can start to break off.

Grinders can be made of different materials: metal, plastic, wood, etc. And it should be said grinders come in many different shapes and sizes.

When one uses grinder often it’s better to buy a metal one, because it’s durable and stronger than a plastic one. But plastic grinders are cheaper and quicker to use. Moreover, plastic grinders are easily broken.

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