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Glass Pipes

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Glass Pipes
Nowadays glass pipe choices can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. There are different ways to name glass pipe, like glass hand pipe, spoon pipe, glass pipe, bowl, steamroller, sherlock, and these are just a few.

Glass pipes are usually made from borosilicate glass. This type glass is known known for its ability to withstand a great amount of heat (thermal shock). Glass pipes are so much better at heat isolation compared to wooden and metal pipes. Another reason why the glass pipes became so popular among smokers is that the design of the glass pipes can be shaped in any way the artist desire, and the colors variety used nowadays is very wide.

Usually the prices of the pipes depend on the making process, which can get hard and complicated. The materials used will also determine how high the price for a pipe can go. A price for a bubbler, let’s say, will be higher than a hand pipe of the same size, because the glass maker has to blow a space for the water used for filtration during smoking. Also, there are some themed pipes in the market that take artists longer time to create and that will also affect the price of the glass pipe.

Just like in any other industry of fashion accessories, market offers so many glass pipes with the signature of the designer and the price range starting at $1 and going all the way up to a few thousand.

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If you’re looking for a powerful smoke at a mid-range price, then you’ve come to the right place. V.Y.R.T.  Glass & Wapes offers ultra-premium glass pipes.

Well, yes. Many smokers prefer using glass pipes instead of others made of wood, metal or ceramic. And there are lots of reasons why.

As one of the most considerable benefits of using glass pipes is one can inhale a large quantity of smoke at a time. The second reason is that glass pipes are much durable as compared to other types. The third reason is, of course, style. You can see the smoke through the glass. Variety of colors and styles made glass pipes as stylish as possible.

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