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CBG Flowers

What is CBG?

CBG or cannabigerol is a small cannabinoid found in CBD flowers. CBG is used for bodily pain rather than CBD being used for more mental stress and some mild pain management. In flower you will find as little as .1% CBG, but thanks to modern technology we can enjoy it in higher quantities. You can find CBG products here at VYRT. Currently we hold Silver Owl brand CBG oil as well as CBD oils.

What makes CBG different from CBD?

CBG and CBD do share similarities but work in different methods. CBD helps with pain relief and also causes a sensation of relief because it contains CGB. Since CGB can only be found in CBD in small amounts, when taking CBD you are only getting a glimpse to the true CBG feeling. When intaking only CBG tinctures, you are able to experience the full pain relief and sense of comfort that makes CBG so famous.

Will I fail a drug test with CBG?

The best part of CBG is that it tends to come in as an isolate. Just like CBD isolates, CBG isolates have no other added ingredients besides flavoring. CBG is great for laborious workers who need potent pain relief without any psychoactive effect. This is also great for workers whose job doesn’t allow any THC intake!

What are the health benefits for CBG?

CBG stems from CBD so it shares a lot of similar properties. Unlinke CBD, CBG aids with more potent pain analgesics. CBG is also famous for helping with ailments like:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Glaucoma
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Fighting off Cancer Cells.

The main difference between one and another is that it is well-known that CBG is so to say “parent” of CBD or THC. Therefore, CBG has got different functions and health benefits than CBD.

CBG doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, and that’s why it won’t get you high. But now there is no research uncovering the full side effects.

CBG can help in treating the following problems:

  • Inflammatory diseases;
  • Movement disorders;
  • Anxiety.
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