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Magical butter machine

Magical butter machine

Magical butter machine

The MBM or “Magical Butter Machine” is one of the latest in butter making technology. This amazing device is perfect for those who are new to making hemp butter as well as for those who are already experienced. This amazing machine allows you to turn your fresh herbs into an amazing butter that will enrich whatever you make with it.

What are the benefits of a Magical Butter Machine?

The benefits in the MBM are not only in its functions but what you can do with the oils. Years of studies have shown that intaking concentrates of this caliber have helped people with:

  • Cancer;
  • Heart disease;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Sexual impairment;
  • Obesity;
  • Mental health disorder;
  • Countless more!

What does the Magical Butter Machine bring?

Along with the amazing device you will also get two accessories to make your experience easier. This device brings a heat resistant glove made from 100% premium quality silicone. This glove is helpful when decarboxylating your herbs in the oven and when you are done making your butter. It also brings a top-of-the-line strainer that also filters the liquid to ensure max potency without any chunks!

How do I use the Magical Butter Machine?

The Magical part about the MBM is how easy it is to make butter with it.

  • Decarboxylate your hemp. (heat in the oven at 250 degrees for 20-30 min);
  • Add the decarboxylated hemp into the Magical butter mixer;
  • Place your herbs in the machine;
  • Set the required time setting and temperature (160°F/71°C);
  • Once the machine is finished, you can remove the content and strain it.

What can I make with the Magical Butter Machine?

This splendid machine brings 3 awesome functions to fit all your concentrate and edible needs! With a simple push of a button, you can have your choice of oils, butter, or tinctures. You can use the oils and butter to make edibles or topicals. Tinctures are great if you do not want to cook so much, just slip it under your tongue for a minute then swallow.

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