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Is it safe to use Kratom daily?

Is it safe to use Kratom daily?

If you’re interested in kratom and you think about using it, you probably have read a lot of articles and forums on that topic. So, you have definitely seen these discussions about daily kratom use. And you therefore have just only one question “Can I use kratom on a daily basis?”. In this article we want to answer this question once and for all.

Is it safe to use Kratom daily?

Side Effects of Daily Kratom Use

There are a lot of people who use kratom everyday and they have experienced no negative side effects. Some patients reported of excess sleep or raised blood pressure. You can actually feel sore muscles, sweating or anxiety, and it’s not a problem right now, but it has the potential to lead to more serious problems.

There are not so many studies that could exactly show the drawbacks of daily kratom use. But nevertheless, in was reported of Southeast Asians who lost appetite and weight while taking kratom on every day basis. We should mention that we are talking about heavy daily users.

Kratom dosage

Daily kratom users who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or depression, state that they do not feel any negative effects from taking kratom daily. Even though kratom reacts to the opioid receptors, it only binds temporary so it does not produce a long-term dependency. However, if you take kratom daily, your tolerance will increase over time. It is highly recommended to start with a low dose and to only increase the dosage if absolutely necessary. It also makes sense to only take the amount you need to achieve the desired effects. If you take multiple doses in one day, it’s even more important to keep your dose to a minimum amount you actually need.

What do you need to remember if you are planning to use kratom daily:

  • Moreover, long time users of kratom say they need more substantial dose after some time because the current kratom dosage takes longer to ease pain. It could also be possible that the effect of the current dose can no longer be sustained or is no longer effective at all.
  • In order to achieve relief, the users need to add a bit more kratom to their daily dosage. In that case the tolerance of kratom can be delayed.
  • To minimize the effects of daily kratom use you should use the lowest dose possible. Kratom experts say if the dosage is below seven grams – the negative impact will be negligible.

Users who are concerned with building up a Kratom tolerance can always do a “Kratom cleanse” to flush it out of their systems. “Kratom cleanse” means stop using kratom altogether for a few days to prevent kratom built up in your system. “Kratom cleanse” could also help with the tolerance development and slow it down considerably.

We are not health professionals and have written this post for informational purposes only.

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